What People Say

“Thank you for your generous spirit and wise words of discernment.”   (Client E)

“Thank you for your patient listening and warmth.  I valued the sessions we had and feel in a much stronger place emotionally.  Thank you for your time, understanding, and the resources you gave me.  They are still helping.”  (Client J)

“Ruth has supported me through my biggest life crisis so far and I have now come to a new place of freedom which I never imagined would be possible.  She has given me understanding:  I learnt to be more attuned to my needs and discovered the as yet unknown choices I had.  Her empathy has been second to none and vital in giving me the strength and courage to learn to care for myself, live more intentionally, and make the decisions I chose to make.  I have been astounded at how well Ruth knew me and could highlight keys which unlocked hidden areas of my soul in a safe and gentle way.  For all these reasons I would thoroughly recommend her services.”   (Client F)

“I am so grateful for your great listening skills, your empathy, your wisdom and understanding, your professionalism and patience.  You have provided a place where I feel completely safe.  In showing me respect and care, you have enabled me to say anything without fear, and that has been hugely significant.  You really have been God’s gift for me.”  (Client R)

“thank you for all your listening, guidance and support.  I will always remember it with gratitude.  Long may you continue to be a help and encouragement to others.”  (Client S)