How I Work

As I get to know you I will match my way of working to suit you as an individual. However you are free to choose whether to accept or reject my suggestions as it is important for you to experiment with your own learning rather than to please me.

My life and work is rooted in a spiritual  perspective, I offer an integrative way of working  by including skills and techniques that focus in a holistic way on all dimensions of our experience: body, emotions, mind and soul. My approach to therapy acknowledges that we all have a purpose in life and that we meet various challenges as we seek to find, understand and fulfill our purpose. Valuing and learning from times of darkness as much as times of joy and embracing the unknown are part of the therapeutic process. I respect the creativity of confusion and welcome the unexpected.

I have experience in  working with a wide range of issues including but not only: depression; anxiety; trauma; relationship difficulties; bereavement and other forms of loss (eg  redundancy, ending of relationship, childhood losses); pregnancy issues (eg crisis pregnancy, miscarriage, still birth, abortion).

I particularly welcome those who wish to explore their life circumstances and inner world within the context of personal or spiritual growth.