We all have times of pain, crisis, despair and need. These times bring thoughts and feelings which may be hard to cope with.  You may want the support of therapy or counselling during such times. I will provide you with a safe space and the opportunity to look at your current difficulties or distress.

However you don’t have to be in a crisis to benefit from this kind of support. I also welcome those who want to work on personal growth and spiritual development.

I see the process of counselling (or therapy)  as a journey; we share the same road for a while. I offer myself, my time and my expertise and invite you to work with me on deepening your understanding of yourself and realising more of your potential.

Although this may feel scary at times, in the context of the accepting, supportive and confidential relationship you have with me, you will be able to explore what is happening to you and how the past may be impacting in an unhelpful way on the present.

I  hope you will discover new ways of being with yourself and with others, healing for past hurts, strategies for moving forward and more connections with your potential. However I don’t have a magic wand to make things better and the responsibility for personal growth and change remains with you.